2nd Mortgage

Second Mortgage

A second mortgage can help free up equity in your home. Whatever the reason, we can make it happen, we are the second mortgage specialists in Ontario. Second Mortgages are our speciality.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Using your home equity to consolidate high interest debt will lower your interest and combine everything into one lower, monthly payment. Debt freedom is one phone call away.

Foreclosure & Foreclosure Assistance

Foreclosure & Foreclosure Assistance

We can assist by halting the foreclosure process and allow you to keep your home. Call us at once, and let the experts navigate this complicated process for you. Foreclosure doesn't mean you have lost your home.

Self Employed

With more people in contract positions, sub contract and self-employed, the ability to secure a mortgage or refinance of any kind has become more difficult. Big banks no longer respect self-employed as they used to. We have multiple lenders that will work with us and help you achieve your home ownership dream. Whether you are refinancing your current mortgage or mortgages, we can help.

Refinance & Renewal

Are you up for a mortgage renewal and your lender said no? This has become more common with today’s tough lending criteria with big banks. Refinancing of your first mortgage or combining of your first and second mortgages has become a challenge for many lenders. As one of Ontario’s largest mortgage brokers, we have lenders that are more flexible in terms of approvals. Call us or fill out our contact form for a no obligation evaluation. You have nothing to lose.

Poor Credit

Poor credit is a reality for many people today. Job loss, medical conditions are just a few of the reasons that affect your ability to pay on time, this will therefore damage your overall credit. As one of Ontario’s largest brokers, we see mortgage lenders demanding higher credit score when it comes time to either apply for a loan, consolidate debt, obtain a second mortgage or just renew your current mortgage. We have close relationships with many of our alternative lenders that assist in these situations. Our brokerage has placed mortgages and refinanced mortgages with the most damaged of credit situations, we will also help set you on course to rebuilding your credit and be better off financially.

Liens Against Your Home

This is becoming very common, credit card companies are the most common liens we see, it used to be that if you owed a credit card holder over $15,000, and did not pay, they would lien your property. Now we are seeing liens with amounts as low as $2000. Canada Revenue Agency and Family Responsibilities Office (FRO) will frequently lien your home as well. The interest keeps accumulating and they will not go away. Many people do not even realize there is a lien until they are up for mortgage renewal or refinancing. Call us first, we will navigate this process for you and present the best options.

About Us

At Alternative Loans, our mission is to keep the interests of our clients in mind. We take pride in our services, integrity and above all else, mortgage & debt solutions that fit the needs of each individual. We work as a intermediary between yourself and our large lenders & financial institutions to secure the best rate in this competitive market.

We understand that the overall experience of obtaining a mortgage can be complicated. We strive to work with you to make it simple and straight forward. The process of making the largest financial decision is difficult, we want to ensure that we can inform our client of all their options, go over the fine print and address any concerns they might have when obtaining a loan or mortgage. We are here to answer any questions you may have, we strongly believe an informed client is a better one.

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