Personal Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

Flavio came over and spent 2 hours going over a shoebox of bills. He consolidated everything and our monthly payments are now less the half of what they use to be.
Thank you!
– Donna and Rick Schombert, London, ON
My wife was in 3 car accidents, our whole family balance was thrown off and we fell behind on our mortgage payments, we were days away from foreclosure and Flavio saved our home.
We can’t thank him enough!
– Michelle B, Oshawa, ON
When I called Flavio I knew he was busy, yet he found the time to meet my partner and myself to discuss our situation. I am not comfortable discussing personal finances over the phone and he understood. The next day he came over and discussed our options, he even suggested we think about it, with no obligation, needless to say we felt at ease.
– Byron and Jeff, Toronto, Ontario
After dealing with 3 other mortgage brokers that could not help, we felt as though we would never get the help we needed. We spent 2 hours on the phone and Flavio insisted both my wife and myself clearly understood the options. He did tell us some things that were not easy to hear, but he was the only one that helped us , he really cared for our well-being. Upon closing there was a shortage of funds, we needed to come up with $2500.00 which we didn’t have, he paid it out of his commission! Even our lawyer was shocked. Thank you is an understatement.
– Bob and Becky Smitt, Tilsonberg, ON
We contacted 3 other mortgage brokers before calling Flavio at Alternative Loans. He was not pushy and straight to the point, everything was transparent and the whole process Took less than a week.
– Altaf Muhadain, Mississauga, ON
It was refreshing to have some one spend the time and explain the different options In terms of our situation, he took the time on a snowy night at 9 p.m. to come to our house. My husband was bed bound due to a bad work place accident, and even the lawyer came to us, thanks so much to him and his whole team.
– Brian and Mellisa Leung, Holland landing, ON
We needed help, our credit card bills were very high, it was costing us over $1600.00 per month in just interest and collections agencies were calling. Within one day they handled all the collections agencies, the calls stopped and best of all we can now get on the road to credit recovery. He told us what to do and ensured we would get our credit to where it once was.
Thank you!
– Ryan and Carmella Ditomaso, Brantford, ON
We had a complex situation with 3 properties, Flavio explained our options, and he suggested us speaking to a lawyer for further advice. He went as far as calling an accountant at 10 p.m. to get us assistance, within 2 days I had a team helping us achieve our goal.
– Jeff Blatt, Toronto, ON
I rarely give any type of feedback or review but, Flavio’s level of professionalism went above and beyond what we expected. Straight forward and to the point. He answered everything over the phone. Whenever I called, which was too many times to count. Yet he always remained professional and assured me everything would work out, which it did.
– Jason B, Markham, ON
Our 2nd mortgage was coming due, Flavio took the time to go over the small print. There were things in there we never even knew. He got us a new second mortgage, with better terms and only 10 months later we were able to combine both mortgages into one with even lower rates. He even called a year later too see how we were doing.
Thank you again!
– Janet and Willian Sullivan, Toronto, ON