Frequently Asked Financial Questions

How much can I borrow using a second mortgage loan program?

A traditional second mortgage loan will allow individuals to borrow up to 85% of value of the home.

Is there any obligation or cost to meet?

No, we will never ask for money up front or lock you into exclusive contracts.

Is everything approved?

Unfortunately no lender can claim that everyone will be approved, especially without knowing the clients situation. Each situation is unique and upon our initial consultation, we will go over all your possibilities to determine the best process moving forward.

I see commercials on TV saying 24 - 48 hours approval? Is this true?

Yes and no, we can get pre approval which in some cases can be very helpful with stopping foreclosure, or arrears with primary lenders, but a solid commitment from our office usually takes 3 days.

Are appraisers required?

If the loan to value ratio is low, many times it is not required, but it depends on the property and its location. In most situations we can arrange and pay for appraisal.

I have 3 mortgages, can we combine them?

The short answer is yes, but we need to see what each mortgage rate is in order to determine if its cheaper to combine them all.

Whats your interest rate?

Great Question, again it all depends on the loan to value ratio and property value. In addition, factors including the mortgage type (first or second mortgage) and credit (good or bad) will influence interest rates. We have over 60 lenders that we will shop around to find the lowest rate.

How do you get paid?

On conventional mortgages I don’t get paid. The lender pays us, through private mortgages, which involve much more paperwork, which does incur a fee from us. The less we have to do, the less we charge. We don’t believe in charging a percentage of the funds you are borrowing as that would cost you more. We asses every situation and will tell you what your fee, if any will be.

My credit is horrible, can you help?

Yes we can, we have obtained first and 2nd mortgages for individuals with poor or almost no credit.

Collection agencies keep calling, what do I do?

We will contact all agencies on your behalf, and offer settlement amounts to each. Based on previous files, on average we save anywhere from 25-50% off of the original balance. Best of all we do not charge for this service and its in house.

I owe CRA money! They have liens on my house!

Rest assured we deal with this regularly. CRA can be very tricky and you need an experienced professional to guide you. We have the top accountants in place to represent you if needed or we can work with yours. CRA must be dealt with as it will accrue interest that will never go away.

I am new to the country, can I buy a home?

Yes you can, and we have lenders that specialize with newer immigrants.

Family responsibilities office?

We have experience dealing with FRO, they will lien your home and can be very aggressive in collecting. My advice is better dealt with now than later.

My lender is foreclosing on my house, can you help?

Yes, we have experience in dealing with lawyers offices that represent most lenders. There is a process, and we can navigate it for you. My advice is the second you are behind on or begin getting legal letters, don’t delay and call me right away. Time is the most valuable and crucial asset when it comes to dealing with foreclosure.

I have equity in my house and considering bankruptcy/debt proposal?

This is not possible as creditors will want you to obtain equity to pay them. There is more to this and would be happy to discuss your options.

My bank will not renew my mortgage, what do I do?

This is more common now days, the traditional banks have tightened their lending criteria. Mainly due to government regulation or your credit has deteriorated since you last renewed or obtained your mortgage. The bad news is you will pay more in terms of interest rate, we can assess your situation and give a Consultation in regards to what you qualify for. The good news is you won’t have to sell your home.

Where are you based?

Our office is located in Woodbridge, Ontario. We do business and financing through out the province. The majority of lenders are based in urban centres like Toronto. In 80% of cases we meet every client face to face.

Can my bank offer different rates from different lenders?

No, they only have one product to represent. The big difference is we have over 60 lenders to compare rates. We narrow down the best offer(s) and present them to you.

How do I check my credit?

There are 2 common reporting agencies in Canada, Transunion and Equifax. The credit score can vary between the two. I suggest as it’s commonly used by lenders. is free but only uses transunion as their reporting agency. Equifax does charge to see your report instantly, but you can request a free report by mail.