What Is Foreclosure ?

Foreclosure is the action when possession of a property is taken due to failure in mortgage payments by a mortgagor. Our role at Alternative Loan is to act as an intermediary between the lender and you, our client. To halt the foreclosure process and allow you to retain ownership of your home. We have dealt with all the major law firms which most lenders use and have direct access to them. When dealing with foreclosure the sooner we can help the greater the chance we have of assisting. Here at Alternative Loan, we have helped numerous families remain in their homes.

Your new house

Need Foreclosure Assistance ?

Are you currently in mortgage arrears? Is your lender calling and threatening eviction? In today’s economic climate, this can happen to good people. Job loss, medical issues can impede your ability to pay your mortgage.

It is vitally important to understand when and how to defend your assets. If the foreclosure process has begun, this does not necessarily mean you have automatically lost your home. If you do nothing then you’re are nearly guaranteed to lose your home, your family being evicted and leave an everlasting stain on your credit. It is very important to learn how to defend yourself against all the different factors given your financial situation.

From your first arrears payment and a letter of arrears from your financial institution call us immediately as you do not want this to escalate further.

We are trained to deal with your mortgage holder and halt the process.