Debt Consolidation in Kitchener

Debt Consolidation

Residents of Kitchener can find themselves in debt for a variety of reasons. Sure, some of it has to do with unwise choices, but much of it also comes from life’s uncontrollable circumstances, such as an illness or an unexpected job loss. But whatever the reason you find yourself in debt, […]

Is Refinancing Your Mortgage Worth It?

mortgage refinancing

Whether you are looking to access money from your home’s equity or simply lower the interest rate on your mortgage, you may have considered refinancing. But what is refinancing your mortgage and is it worth it? Refinancing your mortgage means breaking your current mortgage and getting a new one. It could […]

When Should You Seek Out a Private Mortgage in Woodbridge

Private Mortgage in Woodbridge

If you are having difficulty in qualifying for a traditional mortgage, getting a private mortgage in Woodbridge may be a solution to help you get into or stay in your home. In the past private mortgages have accounted for approximately 4-5% of all Canadian mortgages, however with stricter lending rules such […]

Private Lenders in Milton

Private Lenders in Milton

Many homeowners in Milton are turning to private lenders when other lenders such as banks turn them down for a mortgage. And while poor credit is one reason that might cause someone to seek out a private lender, it is not the only reason. Many Milton homeowners who are financially responsible […]

Home Equity Loans in Milton

Home Equity Loans in Milton

If you are a homeowner in Milton, you may have heard that you can access cash from your home equity, through something called a home equity loan. What you may not know however is what a home equity loan is or how it works. What is a home equity loan? A […]